Tips For Cleaning out the Air Ducts

Excessive seepage or flooding? Are you stuck with the sniffles? Chronic cough? Well, the right question for you should be, how long ago did you have your ducts cleaned? Experts normally recommend that you have your air ducts cleaned out at the very least every three to five years to reduce on the amount of allergens, mold and dust present in your home. However, you should consider having a more regular duct cleaning process if your home is subject to excessive moisture that can result in the fast growth of mold in the ducts resulting in a major reduction in the performance of the ducts if they are not properly insulated or sealed. Below is a guide on duct cleaning in New Orleans.

Do you have any idea of what lies hidden in your ducts? In addition to the accumulated pet fur, dust, debris and mold over the years, service providers have discovered everything else ranging from diamond rigs, beer cans and some other pretty glossy items that we best not get into the details of.

It is highly recommended that you consider having your ducts cleaned if they have mold, excessive dust, mold and other debris in them. And while duct cleaning has not yet been connected to prevent certain health problems, having them checked and cleaned is most definitely a good way to ensure that you are breathing in fresh air and to prevent larger issues later on in the future.

To help out with the cleaning, you also should ensure that you change the air filter severally. Ensure that you use a MERV-7 filter to get the best results, lest your coil could end up getting hit by items that the filter missed.

There are some companies that offer free duct inspections. The will help you decide if you will be needing a duct cleaning any time soon. However, before you call in a professional company to take care of the problem, be sure to call in several quotes and estimates before you settle on one of them. The company that you settle on should have the right licensing from the state and also follow the air duct cleaning standards that have been set by the local governing body.

For the air registers, it is pretty normal for the air to get dusty. You can clean them and remove them yourself. However, if they are clogged or there is the presence of mold, then you should consider calling in a professional like AdvantaClean that will service your cooling and heating system.

When you are hiring a professional or this reason, the following are some of the considerations that you should make to ensure that you make the right choice.

· What are the ducts that you have made of? This is an important consideration as different materials require different methods to clean.

· Is the company licensed by the stat the company should be able to produce the license certificate to act as proof.

· You should be careful when you are dealing with a company that claims that air duct cleaning has health benefits. These claims have not yet been proven and as such it is wrong and unprofessional to make such a claim to reel in a client.